Ranting On…Sickness

Okay, so we all know I have the chronic health problems: rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, chronic migraines, allergies, and so on. It’s whatever….  But, let me pose this question: how and why do I get sick all the time on top of all that, too? Yesterday, I was fine. Today, I have a sinus, upper respiratory, and ear infection. Like….really? (and I had strep throat not even a month ago…)   Thank God the people at my new job are patient. And hopefully, I feel better for my beach vacation next week…..

Sorry, just had to have a whiny moment here!

Forecasters warn of possible 100 mph winds hitting Pittsburgh
Ranting On…Fat Days


Why are women cursed with “fat days?” 

What makes me, for example, feel like a bombshell one day, and a fat, sluggy, schlumpadinka, the next? 

Why do I sometimes adore shopping, and proudly wear a swimsuit or shorts…but on other days, I will cry trying on jeans or bathing suits?

Sure, our weight fluctuates 1-3 pounds day-to-day, so that’s surely part of it, but what is the rest of it? How can I have had a major fat day on Sunday, but, I’m okay with myself today — yet nothing is different?

Does it depend on our moods in general? Does it depend on the quality of food we ate that day, or how active we are on any given day? Is it the clothes we’re wearing? Is it other things that are going on in our life? 

And…why when we are having the proverbial “fat days,” do we usually eat badly…self-sabotage, perhaps?

What do you guys think? 


Question of the Day

Question of the Day: Do you have any “celebrity hair idols?” If so, who are they?

Mine are…

  • Giuliana Rancic
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Alexis Bellino
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Jessica Biel
Texts from the Dog

Newly obsessed with this Tumblr page. Not as good as Dogshaming, but, a goodie, nonetheless. Thanks to my brother for introducing Text from Dog to me!

Ranting On…Judging a Book by Its Cover

I’ve had about 3 people in the past week make casual (disdainful) comments about people with tattoos, or funky hair, or saying that so-and-so is too thin, or “oh my God will you look at that person,” or, worst of all, derogatory comments about people’s sexuality or personal choices when it comes to religion or politics, and, I want to take a second to say that it’s just not okay — at least, not to me. Please don’t come to me with those kinds of conversations. I will not partake.

Aren’t we taught in elementary school not to judge a book by its cover?Doesn’t religion and even society in general teach us to be accepting of others? Who are we to judge anyone’s appearance or, furthermore, their lifestyle choices?

Would it surprise you that despite my being a Christian and a girly-girl that I have 4 tattoos, want a 5th, and have had countless piercings over the years? That underneath my plain brown hair with blonde highlights that I usually have subtle hints of blues, greens, purples, and pinks? That I admire body art as exactly that — art?  

Would it surprise you that, in high school, people thought I was anorexic, but it was because of an illness? Would it surprise you that, even now when people “think” I’m in shape that my doctor told me I could stand to lose 10 lbs? Did you know that under that usually-messy hair that I have a 6” scar on the back of my head from a brain surgery? Probably not.

Would it surprise you that while I read the Bible, I also listen to rap music, and (gasp!) laughed out loud at the Book of Mormon and various inappropriate TV shows? That I have gay friends and family members who I support despite my being Christian?

That I read Rumi and Ralph Waldo Emerson and Shakespeare but also read 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight? 

That I wear some designer items… but also shop the sale racks and flea markets and donate a large portion of my time and money to helping others?

Did you know that while I can come off as “ditzy” sometimes, that I have a very high IQ, was considered gifted all through school, and am applying to become a member of Mensa? 

Now that you know these things, does it negatively affect your opinion of me? If so, I’m not sure you’re the type of person that I want in my life, anyway. 

If it doesn’t change your opinion of me, then let me ask you this: why is it okay for me to have tattoos, but for your waiter at a restaurant or your hairdresser to have them, it’s appalling? Why is it okay to say other people are too skinny or too fat when you’d tell me that I look fine?

The rule of thumb here is this: you don’t know ANYTHING about a person by looking at them, and even then, you usually only know what they want you to know.

Take a second to get to know someone before judging them — and by all means, take a moment to think before you speak: you never know who you could be offending, and you never, ever know what someone is dealing with or what their story looks like behind closed doors.

Next Up on the Bucket List: MENSA.

As many of you know, I’m often filled with lofty hopes, dreams, and goals. My latest “bucket list” item is to become a member of Mensa. I think I can do it and I’d like to try testing by the end of the summer.

If any of you can offer me any tips or pointers on the process, I’d really appreciate it. 

Thank you!

What Story Does Your Face Tell? - by Ashley Boynes-Shuck

Some of you don’t know this, but I’ve been through a lot of…well, crap.

Here’s my story! (Don’t worry - it isn’t depressing! :) )

Outfits of the Week for May

Really have been slacking with #ootd and #ootw posts…so here are my outfits of the day…almost a month’s worth lol! (not necessarily in order)  Sharing the hits AND misses ;) 


Duro Oluwu dress, The Limited Blazer


Gold and cream pants, cobalt blue blouse, navy blue peplum blazer, all by The Limited, plus rose gold jewelry.


The Limited & Macy’s, Michael Kors watch


White House Black Market top, Mossimo pants, The Limited blazer, Bebe glasses.

imageThe Limited top & jeans, plus a chic bubble umbrella :)

imageCasual Saturday. The Limited jeans & blazer


Sunday fun - wedge sneakers, jean shorts, cat eye shades and a sweet oversized studded sweatshirt from Victoria’s Secret PINK.

imageCasual - dusty pink lace moto jacket & jeans.


Shorts from The Limited. Sheer neon skull scarf from Target. Fun studded flip flops & aviators :) 


Banana republic chain link nautical tank, The Limited pants, Michael Kors watch, Victoria’s Secret bracelet, The Limited necklace.


The Limited navy peplum blazer; The Limited mint green top with gold zipper accent on the back, American Eagle khakis, natural hair and a vintage necklace.

imageThe Limited top, blazer & jeans. Michael Kors watch. Bass shoes.


MNG top, The Limited pants, Coach watch, Chanel sunglasses.


The Limited cream blazer, rose gold necklace, and cream/sequin top, Michael Kors bag, LOFT pants and of course my pop of color in my hair :)


American Eagle pants, H&M cami and shirt, The Limited earrings.


American Eagle pants, The Limited Top & cardi, House of Dereon glasses, Missoni for Target flats.


The Limited pants, Missoni flats, super-fun scarf from Contempo Artistries & tribal-print tank, Coach watch, Pandora & KIST bracelets.


Blue on blue - pencil skirt and blouse from The Limited. Versace glasses.


Fun with colors!


Forever 21 top, The Limited pants


Yellow lace dress from Forever 21, blazer from The Limited, Coach watch, Versace glasses.


Kardashian Kollection blazer, Forever 21 dress.


Yes my SPARKLY Victoria’s Secret PINK gym bag had to make an appearance….


…as did my new Prada Baroque Round sunglasses :) 

Question of the Day: TV

With one of my favorite TV shows coming to a series end, I must ask myself and all of you: aside from The Office (a no-brainer!) what are the Top 5 shows on television, in your opinion?

Mine are…(in no particular order)

1) Scandal
2) Nashville
3) Newsroom
4) Breaking Bad
5) Modern Family

Honorable Mentions: I’m also obsessed with the Real Housewives, enjoying the Walking Dead, and still like Glee, The Big C, Family Guy, and Grey’s Anatomy…

How about you guys?